Ayurveda has the condensed knowledge from thousands of years of research and observations of Sages in India. Much of this knowledge is captured in scriptures but there are also some remedies and powders that are passed on from one generation to the next. One such recipe is of the Ayurvedic powder that we’ll be sharing in this post.

Papa learned this recipe from his Grandmother who had in-turn learned it from her husband (Papa’s Grandfather) who, by the way, was a renowned ayurvedic medicinal healer of his time in our community. So, we’ve basically been using this recipe for several decades if not centuries.

The recipe is a mixture of seven different kinds of Herbs or plant-extracts. All the ingredients have been taken in their dried forms so that the powder can last longer. Also, some of the ingredients are available in the market in a powdered form, but we recommend that you choose the whole or broken forms of these dried ingredients – this way the final product that we form will be much more fresh.

Each of the seven ingredients used in this recipe have benefits of their own. They would form a great remedy even if one consumes them in isolation. The reason why we are mixing these seven ingredients together is because they compliment each other’s benefits and make for a perfect powder that can be consumed on a daily basis.

In the appended video we detail the benefits of each of these ingredients and their cumulative effect as well.

Miracle Ayurvedic powder - चमतकारी आयुर्वेदिक मिश्रण

This powder is a recipe that was passed on through generations from Papa's grandmother. It is a perfect remedy for several aliments that have been discussed in further detail in the video. The video also talks about the ways to consume this powder. 
Total Time15 mins
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Servings: 200 gram
Author: N. Soni


  • 30 gm Terminalia chebula (Haritaki) (हरीतकी (हरड़) - ३० ग्राम​)
  • 30 gm Terminalia bellirica (Bibhitaki) (बहेड़ा (सूखा हुआ) - ३० ग्राम​)
  • 30 gm Indian gooseberry (आंवला (सूखा हुआ) - ३० ग्राम​)
  • 30 gm Indian Senna (dried leaves) (सोनामुखी (सुखी हुई) - ३० ग्राम​)
  • 30 gm Fennel seeds (सौंफ - ३० ग्राम​)
  • 15 gm Ginger (dried) (अदरक (सूखा हुआ) - १५ ग्राम​)
  • 30 gm Rose petals (dried) (गुलाब के पत्ते (सूखे हुए) - ३० ग्राम​)


  • Watch the complete video below for the recipe


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