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Tomato Powder - टमाटर का पाउडर

Tomato forms one of the most crucial ingredients in a variety of dishes across several cuisines. 
During Tomato season you can choose to preserve it either in the form of Puree or Ketchup or in a powdered form. When we preserve it in the form of Tomato puree or ketchup then it is essential to add some kind of a preservative to it for long-storage. But if Tomatoes are stored in a powdered form we do not need to add any preservatives to it, as it is in a dry form (absence of water ensures longer shelf life).
Storage : The amount of Puree or Ketchup that you may prepare with 1 kg of Tomatoes would require lot more space to store as compared to that required for storing powdered Tomatoes. 
Usage : The taste that 1 cup of Tomato Puree or Ketchup would add to your recipe is the same as that you can get with using just 1 table spoon of Tomato powder. Which means it is optimal to store and use several Kilos of Tomatoes.
Time taken to dry Tomatoes - 5 days (approximately)
Preparation Time30 mins
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Servings: 100 gram
Calories: 303kcal
Author: R. Soni


  • 1 kg Tomatoes (टमाटर)
  • to grind Salt (नमक - यदी पीसने के वक्त जरूरत लगे तो )


  • Follow the instructions given in the video to prepare Tomato powder



Storage Precautions:
  1. Store this Tomato in a clean and dry Glass or Food-Grade-Plastic bottle with an air-tight seal/lid/cap.
  2. If using a spoon to take out some of the powder from the bottle, always ensure that you spoon is clean and dry.
  3. Following these two precautions will ensure that your powder will easily last upto 1 year.
  1. This powder can be used in any recipe where Tomatoes are used
  2. Can be used as a seasoning on Chips/ Pop-corns/ French Fries, etc
  3. Instant Tomato Soup can be prepared within minutes using this powder
  4. In several Masalas (such as Maggie Masala) Tomatoes can be added only in a dried form. For such Masalas, Tomato powder is the ideal solution.
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